Frost Cover

Multi-functional solution trusted by growers for maximum frost protection

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When it comes to frost protection GintecPRO Guard Cover is your best line of defence. This multi-use product offers many benefits, including a U.V. advantage, specifically designed for agricultural use to enhance earlier, higher yields and protection against winter weather, spring freeze and pests.

GintecPRO Guard Cover benefits:

  • Earlier planting and earlier harvest
  • Improved plant growth and higher yields
  • Frost and cold weather protection
  • Heavy rain, hail and storm protection
  • Insect, animal and bird protection

GintecPRO Guard Cover increases soil and air temperature during daylight hours. At night, it slows heat loss and aids in maintaining soil temperatures. This is ideal for crops such as sweet corn, strawberries, spinach, celery, tomatoes, zucchini and much more. GintecPRO Guard Cover is used in greenhouses to help retain moisture for seedling starts and outdoors for new lawn seeding to protect seed from harsh sunlight and birds while helping retain soil moisture.

GintecPRO Guard Cover is U.V. stabilized to promote reuse. It is easily laid manually or mechanically. It is made to order in widths up to 65 feet. Folding is available on most small orders to enable UPS deliveries.

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Available Weights:


  • Light Weight Frost Protection
  • 19 gsm / .5 oz. Sq. yd.
  • Protects down to 28°F
  • Increases daytime soil and air temperature
  • Obtains earlier, higher yields


  • Light Weight Frost Protection
  • 22 gsm / .6 oz. Sq. yd.
  • Protects down to 27°F
  • Lowers moisture loss
  • Promotes better growing conditions in early spring


  • Medium Weight Frost Protection
  • 34 gsm / 1.0 oz. Sq. yd.
  • Protects down to 24°F
  • Porous to air and water, transmits 70% light
  • Moderate freeze protection


  • Medium Weight Frost Protection
  • 40 gsm / 1.2 oz. Sq. yd.
  • Protects down to 22°F
  • Intermediate weight
  • Porous to air and water, transmits 60% light
  • Added freeze protection


  • Heavy Weight Frost Protection
  • 51 gsm / 1.5 oz. Sq. yd.
  • Protects down to 20°F
  • Porous to air and water, transmits 50% light
  • Strong and durable for repeated use
  • Heavier frost protection


  • Light Weight Freeze Protection
  • 68 gsm / 2.0 oz. Sq. yd.
  • Protects down to 18°F
  • Porous to air and water, transmits 40% light
  • Maximum strength and durability Light duty freeze protection


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