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Gintec supplies irrigation products, and designs custom irrigation systems for optimal water levels that increase the health and growth of your crop. Choose from a variety of sprinklers, nozzles, pipes, pumps, filters, drip tape and fittings.

Drip Tape and Hose
Drip tape provides a precise dose of water and essential nutrients directly from the pipe to your plant. By targeting your plants instead of feeding the weeds, it is an ideal product for fruits and vegetables. It is also a cost-effective solution that can be used for one or many seasons. Drip Tape and Hose can be scaled to the size of any project, from backyard gardens to hundreds of acres of farmland.
We have hundreds of parts available to connect your irrigation systems and products, with sizes ranging from 1/8″ to 10′ and up. Choose from a wide assortment of couplers, adapters, reducers, unions, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 22.5 degrees, PVC, steel, aluminum and copper fittings.
Irrigation System Design
An irrigation system that is properly designed to the specifications of your land and tailored to the needs of your crop will save you time and money. You can trust Gintec’s experienced Irrigation Division for expert design, supply and implementation of your custom irrigation system. We use the most current technology to provide efficient and effective irrigation that produces results. Ask us about SDI (Subsurface Drip Irrigation) and how this product could benefit you.
Pumps and Filters
Pumps and filters are the “heart” of your irrigation system, pushing the water through and delivering clean, nutrient rich water to your crops. We can accommodate any project large or small, just tell us what you need or consult with an expert in our Irrigation Division and we can provide you with the necessary equipment to help keep your crops healthy and hydrated.
PVC Pipe, Aluminum, Hose, Lay flat, Suction
Delivering water from its source to where you need it most, we offer a variety of options for above and below ground irrigation systems. Gintec supplies PVC Pipe, Aluminum Pipe, Hose, Lay Flat and Suction with a large selection of sizes and styles available.
Sprinklers and Nozzles
Sprinklers are an efficient method of delivering the right levels of water and nutrients to your crop over time. We offer a wide selection of quality, long-lasting sprinklers and nozzles to choose from.


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