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Plasticulture has many benefits for growers and can result in earlier production. Gintec offers Standard Plastic Mulch, Biodegradable Mulch and Tunnel Standard Airflow as well as equipment needed for use and removal of these products.

Field with rows of plastic mulch

Plastic Mulch

An alternative to standard mulch, plastic mulch has been used successfully in agricultural production and provides many benefits including protection from erosion, warming the soil and preventing its direct contact with the plant. Most importantly, it helps eliminate and control weeds. Gintec is proud to supply this Canadian made product. Plastic mulch is readily available and made to order.

Field with rows or crops covered with tunnel standard airflow

Tunnel Standard

Tunnel farming provides protection and increases your growing season by cocooning your crop inside the small hoop structures. The pale green standard tunnel retains and transmits less heat, giving you a head start on completion. A higher air flow version is also available.


Biodegradable plastic mulch has all the same benefits of plastic mulch but it is made of compostable materials which break down, saving you time and the costs of removal and recycling/landfill.

Tractor with mulch lifter in field


Gintec also carries the equipment growers need to get the job done faster, easier, safer and more economically. We have bed shapers, waterwheel planters, tunnel layers, mulch layer, mulch winder and more. Equipment is all made in North America. Inquire on availability to own or rent.


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