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Extend the service life of your wood poles and structures with Rotbloc, an innovative product that affixes to the bottom of each pole during installation to protect from premature ground-line rot and chemical leaching.

This barrier system is made of 100% recycled materials using a low-density polyethylene compound. It is flexible, durable and impervious to chemicals and water. Its adhesive seal faces inward deflecting moisture and organic debris. Rotbloc does not break down under extreme UVA and environmental conditions.

Untreated poles can see decay and rot in as little as one year. With correct installation of Rotbloc, organic growers have seen poles last 50% longer than poles without its protection. Rotbloc is classified as organic under WSDA and approved in Canada by PRO-CERT and PACS for organic applications. It is an environmentally friendly, zero-waste solution that meets the standards of organic growers.

Available Sizes:

Rotbloc is available in 13.5” x 180 ft, 20” x 120 ft,  30” x 80 ft commercial rolls. Pre-measured and perforated in 16”, 20”, 26”, 30” and 38”, eliminating the need to measure and cut in the field, reducing time and labour.

13.5 IN. X 180 FT.

Depth of protection used for stable ground-lines.

Typical applications: Internal trellis poles for vineyards, orchards and hops as well as ranch fencing.

20 IN. X 120 FT.

Depth of protection used for comprehensive protection.

Typical applications: Anchor poles and for growers that “hill” their soil rows.

30 IN. X 80 FT.

Depth of protection used for complete, full coverage.

Typical applications:  Anchor poles and untreated wood poles.


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