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Gintec’s Aluminet is an excellent product for crops that are highly susceptible to heat stall during warm weather and can be used to protect a variety of crops such as ornamentals, flowers, foliage, fern, tree, and vegetable seedlings. 

Due to its superior reflection and lightweight characteristics, it is the perfect cloth to cover the outside of a greenhouse. It does not absorb heat. It offers dual functionality to both shade and cool the greenhouse.  

Gintec’s Aluminet is a special knitted screen made from metallized HDPE (High Density Polypropylene). The fibers are produced from mono-oriented HDPE giving the fiber durability and longevity. After an aluminium metallization process, the films are covered with a special anti-oxidation coating. The net is knitted into a precise uniform texture that meets the ASTM-D 3887 standard.

Much lighter in weight than standard shade cloth, it is easy and quick to install. Aluminet is also used as a direct covering over vegetable crops. The aluminized screens not only provide shade, but also protect against frost. Under actual field trials, crops covered with Aluminet during frost conditions had no damage.

Gintec’s Aluminet in available in 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% and 70% shade factors. Standard mill widths for 30% shade factor are 6.5’, 13’, 19.5’, and 26’. Mill widths for the remaining shade factors are, 7’, 14’, 21’ and 28’. Other widths may be obtained by using Gintec Shade Technologies fabrication techniques.

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