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Applications for Many Industries

Our high-quality products serve a number industries and applications outside of growing. We manufacture and supply multifunctional products that can be applied to industries such as Construction, Landscaping, Transportation, Storage, Events and Leisure. Gintec’s products can be used to solve a wide range of unique industry problems.

Construction and Landscaping

Gintec growing solutions lend themselves naturally to landscaping projects. Our professional grade Irrigation, Ground Cover, Mulch and Shade products are ideal in building and maintaining residential or commercial grounds and garden projects.

In construction, we provide products for shade and protection that can be tailored to the need and size of your job to combat the harshest outdoor elements and pests.

GintecPRO Guard Netting has been used in demolitions to prevent birds from going under bridges and building nests.

Ground Cover and non-woven products such as GintecPRO Guard Covers are efficient solutions for erosion control, stabilization and barriers.

Gintec Fences provide privacy and security with a number of custom options available for a durable and cost-effective permanent or temporary fence.

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Transportation and Storage

GintecPRO Woven and GintecPRO Guard Cover products are effective in the transportation of trees, plants and produce. Bundling or tarping can be used to protect from wind, various weather conditions and insects.

Birds are also a common nuisance in airplane hangers and hazard to planes and helicopters. Our GintecPRO Guard Netting product safely and effectively keeps birds out and prevents them from nesting.

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Events and Leisure

Tents and awning can be custom made using GintecPRO Knit or Woven materials and tailored to your needs, to protect guests or customers from unpredictable weather and provide excellent UV protection, helping make your next outdoor event a success, rain or shine.

Supashade Plus comes in many colours to provide attractive, effective and long-lasting protection for your outdoor dining and entertainment areas. It also makes a durable pool cover that helps keep animals and small children out during the off season.

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