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Birds can be more than a nuisance to growers, they can cause severe damage and loss to crops. Customized for protection from birds, GintecPRO Guard Netting is your solution to this problem.

Netting is made from high-density polyethylene monofilament yarns that are knit into an open mesh fabric. This produces a lightweight, run resistant, durable fabric that resists rips, tears and abrasions.

GintecPRO Guard Netting also reduces evaporation, wind rub and damage to new growth. Stress on the crops is lowered making for healthier and  higher yielding plants. Netting is specifically designed with optimum hole size of 5/8”, small enough to keep out small birds but large enough to allow movement of bees and keep shade to a minimum. GintecPRO Guard Netting is a stretch mesh fabric that can be stretched to a greater width or length than outlined specifications, providing a custom fit. Netting is UV stabilized and chemical resistant, available in your choice of white or black.

Correct structure design and installation of GintecPRO Guard Netting is essential to its effectiveness and durability. Canopy bird structures are custom designed to meet specific needs using quality parts that ensure a stable, reliable structure that will last for many years. GintecPRO Guard Netting is backed with a 5-year prorated warranty against product failure due to U.V. degradation to HDPE monofilament yarn.

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