Anti-Hail Structures

Targeted solution that protects crops from damage and loss due to hail

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Anti-hail structures are uniquely designed using netting that provides protection for crops that are vulnerable to hail such as tender fruit.

Our anti-hail structure is a tensioned cable system supported by wooden or steel poles and anchored by augers with a large helix screwed into the ground around the perimeter of the structure. The structure uses poles set down the tree rows (the poles can also be used to support a trellis system) to provide support for a ridge wire.

GintecPRO Guard Netting is secured to the ridge wire and attached to the next rows netting using special clips to form a valley. During a hail storm, hail will land on the netting, bounce down toward the valley and drop harmlessly between the rows.

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Netting can be stored on the ridge wire during the winter to reduce time and labour of removal.

Maximum area per structure – 20ha. Maximum row length – 500m.

Hardware & Equipment
We can provide turn-key, custom engineering and installation of your structure or if you prefer to do it yourself, we also carry a complete line of hardware for all of your structure needs. Everything from posts to cables and all the fasteners you will require.


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