When you choose GintecPRO products you are choosing the highest quality, professional products that are built to last.

GintecPRO series includes Knit, Woven and Guard products used for a variety of applications including shade, frost covers, structures, netting and more. These products deliver professional results for everyone, from residential gardens to large commercial growers.

Gintec stands behind all of its products, supplying and manufacturing innovative growing solutions for more than 26 years. We know and understand your needs because we are growers too. Everything we do is done through the lens of a grower. Trust the products, reputation and expertise of Gintec for all your growing needs.

If you are looking for Knit, Woven or Guard fabrications, make sure it’s GintecPRO.

GintecPRO Knit

GintecPRO Knit is a polyethylene shade cloth made of the highest quality material and fabrication techniques. The biggest advantage of knit shade cloth is that it won’t unravel when cut or torn.

GintecPRO Knit is available in 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, and 80% shade factor. Standard mill widths are 10’, 12’, and 20’. Other custom widths are available by request.

GintecPRO Woven

Woven shade cloth is an economical, lightweight fabric that has been the growing industry standard for over 50 years. GintecPRO Woven is a polyethylene shade cloth made of the highest quality material and fabrication techniques.

GintecPRO Woven is available in 30%, 47%, 55%, 63%, 73%, 80%, and 95% shade factors. Standard mill widths are 6’, 10’, 12’, and 15’. Other custom widths are available by request.

GintecPRO Guard Cover

GintecPRO Guard Cover is a multi-functional product that provides the highest standard of protection outdoors from the elements and pests.

• Frost and Cold weather Protection
• Heavy Rain, Hail and Storm Protection
• Insect, Animal and Bird Protection

GintecPRO Guard is made of High-Density Polyethylene material which is U.V. stabilized to promote reuse and offered in a variety of weights from light to heavy. It can be used to cover the ground or held by structures for flexible application and a variety of functions.

GintecPRO Guard Netting

GintecPRO Guard Netting is made of the same High-Density Polyethylene material as GintecPRO Guard Covers but its mesh openings are designed to target specific issues such as birds and hail. It is a lightweight, run resistant, durable fabric that resists rips, tears and abrasions.

To learn more about these products and how it can be applied to your industry, contact us and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.

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